What do you do with leftover chips?
What do you do with leftover chips?
What do you do with leftover chips
Ear-ligh in the morning?


Why, you make chilaquiles, of course. This is what to do with those leftovers from the Cinco de Gabacho party, a cheap and cheerful breakfast that will help the hangover.

Technically, chilaquiles are supposed to be made from leftover tortillas that are fried right there, with a made-to-order salsa de chile de árbol, and chicken cooked expressly for the dish... the hell with that. This recipe right here is for getting rid of leftovers, and is deliberately simple enough that it can be done by even the most hung-over pendejo. Or Sandra Lee.

1/2 bag tortilla chips
2 cups salsa (the spicier the better for your hangover)
1/2 pound of whatever meat you have leftover, shredded (optional)
Crumbled queso fresco, or cotija cheese
Crema mexicana
8 eggs

Simmer the tortilla chips and meat, if using, in the salsa in a wide skillet. The meat should be heated through; the chips should be soft on the outside but still slightly crunchy in the middle. The thicker the tortilla chips, the more likely this is to occur. Divide into four portions, then top each portion with cheese and cream.

Fry the eggs sunny-side up or over easy in a little oil or butter, then top each portion of chilaquiles with two eggs. The eggs should have liquid yolks so that each diner can slash the yolk and have it mix with the dish.


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