Chicken Charlie Reveals This Year's Cholesterol Contenders

Chicken Charlie Reveals This Year's Cholesterol Contenders
Courtesy of Chicken Charlie

Shhh... that sound you hear is your arteries clamping shut as a preventative measure. They know county fair season is right 'round the corner, and that means deep-fried God-only-knows-what, sure as eggs is eggs.

Our brethren and sistren at Squid Ink up there in that Angeles-something-or-other place have wheedled this year's heinous-but-possibly-delicious fried treats menu out of Chicken Charlie.

Last year, you may remember, they fried Klondike bars and butter (or they said they did--we're sorry, but until they deep-fry a full-on stick of butter without wrapping it in a churro, it does not count), and of course deep-fried Twinkies and bacon and vegetables are all normal parts of the fair.

This year, they'll be deep-frying brownies, Kool-Aid cake (how Southern of them!) and ribs. Those brownies--with chocolate sauce on top--actually sound pretty good. In the meantime, though, we'll be hanging out waiting for the deep-fried zucchini "nachos".

The Orange County Fair runs at the Fairgrounds, 88 Fair Dr., Costa Mesa, from July 15 through August 14.

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