Cheap Drunk: Walgreens Selling Its Own Beer

Now you can get some premium beer with that foot cream and bar of soap.

Walgreens has rolled out a private-label brew called Big Flats 1901, available at more than 4,600 locations. The suds are being sold cheap, about $3 for a six-pack and $11.50 for a case of 24. (For those already too hammered to do the math, that's about 50 cents a can.) 

The American light lager, which has 4.5 percent alcohol by volume and has been compared to PBR, was developed by Novato, California-based Winery Exchange, whose clients include Costco, Cost Plus World Market and Trader Joe's.

The name Big Flats 1901 is hopefully not an indication of the beer's carbonation level. A press release states it is meant to evoke flat boats that delivered goods to settlers in upstate New York.

Is it any good? Watch a YouTube review after the jump!


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