Charlie Sheen In Cooking Show by Funny or Die. For Real

Earlier today, Charlie Sheen

filed suit against his previous employers for $100 million

. That wasn't surprising. What was surprising was that on the same day, the above video debuted on the satirical site Funny or Die.

A lot of people are still trying to "process" this. On the one hand, it's obvious the guy still needs help. On the other hand, with scripted material that condenses all of his recent inanities into comedy gold, the video turns self-deprecation into an artform. And it's damn funny too, if not genius.  He even wears a tiger-striped chef's hat, you know, because he has "tiger blood."   

All things considered, the video shows the guy still has impeccable comic timing. Yet the question remains: Has Funny or Die single-handedly saved Charlie Sheen's career? Or is it just enabling him?


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