Wow, talk about a bad picture...
Wow, talk about a bad picture...

Chapter One: The Modern Local to Open Deli-Sandwich Shop in Downtown Santa Ana

Man, the two Jeffs behind Chapter One: The Modern Local in downtown SanTana--Hall (the nice gabacho) and Jensen (the loquacious Argentine) know what people want. Their restaurant is perpetually crowded for their fine food and fabulous drinks, and their opened-this-year Red Room next door hosts more parties than your local Chuck-E-Cheese.

But running the successful place ain't enough for Jeff and Jeff. For months, they have openly asked why no one has yet to open a deli shop in the area--a place that'll sell chorizo and carne asada, for sure, but also some pastrami, morcilla, and other wonderful meats, along with the sandwiches to feed ravenous government workers. But since no one stepped up, Jeff and Jeff did with C4.

Jensen told me about it a couple of months ago but swore me to secrecy; he put up the butcher paper just before the holidays. C4 will be across the street from Memphis at the Santora and will sell deli cuts, sandwiches, and espresso. Maybe beer and wine? Maybe...expect it to open around summer!

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