Chae Bahn Closes at Diamond Jamboree; Replaced By Yigah

Chae Bahn Closes at Diamond Jamboree; Replaced By Yigah
Edwin Goei

Like other shopping centers, Diamond Jamboree has seen its share of turnover. There used to be a Greek restaurant there where the pho joint is now. The Lollicup used to be a froyo shop. The space Urban Seoul occupies was once a Original Buffalo Wings. Sandwich Club used to be Crepes de Paris. Kickin' Crab used to be the very short-lived Itriya Cafe. And that's just the ones I remember in the five years that the shopping-restaurant mall has been around.

Now Chae Bahn, one of its original tenants, has closed and been replaced by Yigah, a new Korean restaurant, which had its grand opening this past weekend.

Yigah is specializes in sullungtang, a milky soup coaxed from simmering beef bones, a hot brew often eaten first thing in the morning as a fabled hangover cure. Also on the menu galbitang and other soups like samgyetang, made with ginseng and a whole chicken. Also served: bibimbap, which was one of the items that Chae Bahn was most popular for. It just goes to show that, even in Diamond Jamboree, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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