Central OC Food Swap Happening THIS SUNDAY
Photo by Stacey Spensley

Central OC Food Swap Happening THIS SUNDAY

If you want to get deep into Thanksgiving this year, consider attending the Central OC Food Swap this Sunday, where you come with a few homemade items and swap them with someone else's. It sounds like an exercise that would've been done in a grade school classroom, and that's because it probably is (remember book swaps, y'all?) But it's all in good fun.

How it works: you bring your dishes to the event and they will be silently auctioned off. You'll have the say in what you choose to accept, so don't worry too much about ending up with something you'll hate. If you're not much of a cook, consider cheating by bringing something made with preserves or canned goods. The event page states that that's perfectly fine.

If there's leftover food, it'll be donated to the Orange County Food Access Coalition, which will have members on-site to accept them. Though the event's free, remember to pre-register because there's a limited amount of tickets available. Have fun!

To learn more, check out the event page.

Central OC Food Swap will be at 1505 E. 17th St., Santa Ana.

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