Celebrate Italian Sausage Tonight At Nello Cucina
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Celebrate Italian Sausage Tonight At Nello Cucina

It's Thursday night, and you're famished after purchasing that wedding/housewarming/birthday present at the plaza previously known as Crystal Court. A bakery or fish taco isn't cutting it; we're thinking Italian and vino. Lucky you, the answer is by the carousel.

Before Costa Mesa Restaurant Week launches this weekend, the Nello Cucina's open kitchen invites you to take a seat at the garden patio for Tutta Salsiccia, known to everyone else as All About Italian Sausage. For less than $10, dinner awaits.

Between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m., diners will have the option of selecting between four featured items showcasing the pig. A toasted bruschetta made with homemade bread or grilled polenta in a light red sauce will cost you a mere $6. They up the ante by a couple of bucks with a penne accompanied by onions and mushrooms. Other carb-lovers may descend upon the simple sausage pizza .

If a table for one doesn't sound entertaining, Antonello's sister trattoria even sprung for musician Enzo Selvaggi to keep you company. Factor in a glass of rosso, and it might as well be the weekend. If you've got the app, they even offer a 10% check-in discount on foursquare and Yelp. Just sayin'.

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