Is this burger going the way of Carlos Jr.?
Is this burger going the way of Carlos Jr.?

Carl's Jr., Hardee's to Sell Turkey Burgers--Chain Finally Going Healthy?

Carl's Jr. has spent most of the past decade boasting of its waistline-busting burgers, proudly proclaiming its entrées are for sloppy guys who think a salad and any thought of health is a fey thang, hanging its hat on 1,000-calorie-plus creations of meat, wheat and sauces.

But now comes word that Carl's and its sister chain, Hardee's, are going the healthy route with . . . turkey burgers?

A press release pats Carl's on the back for its charbroiled turkey burger clocking in at less than 500 calories.

"Carl's Jr. and Hardee's are famous for their big, decadent, sit-down-restaurant-quality burgers, many of which are made with 100 percent Black Angus beef," CKE Restaurants executive vice president Brad Haley enthused. "But more and more customers today are looking for great-tasting burgers that are better for them and/or are available with a beef alternative."

Of course, Carl's being Carl's, it couldn't help but pile on toppings on the supposedly healthier burger: teriyaki sauce, guacamole, buttermilk-ranch sauce and the like. Still, this represents an extraordinary step for Carl's toward acknowledging that maybe an all-beef, all-bro campaign isn't the best. What's next: dropping sex kittens in favor of Michelle Obama?


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