Capital Noodle Bar To Open In Irvine and Serve Noodles and Hainan Chicken Rice

Crossroads in Irvine, which has been host to a lot of new restaurants recently (Creamistry, Urban Plates, and Doner G among them), will have at least one more new entrant.

Capital Noodle Bar is the noodle bar concept by the same group that owns and operates Capital Seafood at Irvine's Diamond Jamboree and Capital at Irvine Spectrum.

James Tea, the managing partner of Capital Seafood, told our Anne Marie this little tidbit about the place:

"Capital is my newest venture in Irvine. I wanted to bring back the family recipe with this Noodle Bar concept. This family recipe has been around for 40 years. The soup base is key in our noodle bowls. Along with our noodles, we will also be serving some great rice dishes. Hainan Chicken Rice and Crispy Cornish Hen with tomato rice."

He also revealed that he hopes for a spring or early summer launch.

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