Cantonese Restaurant Planned for The District In Tustin
I remember when the banner held so much hope two years ago...

Cantonese Restaurant Planned for The District In Tustin

American food didn't work. Neither did Mexican. How about Cantonese?

In the abandoned building at The District in Tustin that once held Bistro West and Pablo's Cantina, there are plans to open Happy Harbor Restaurant. There's currently a Happy Harbor in Rowland Heights which serves everything in the dim sum spectrum from xiao long bao to egg custard tarts and one in Alhambra which specializes in wontons, noodles and congee.

If it comes to fruition, the Happy Harbor at The District won't be serving dim sum like the Rowland Heights one. The owners told me this when I called them to confirm their plans. They said they will offer Cantonese-style food but did not go into specifics. Whatever it may be, it will be the first serious Chinese restaurant in the plaza and hopefully the first tenant that will survive in that corner since The District opened five years ago.

Surely the Happy Harbor folks must have seen the lines at Capital Seafood, not more than a block away in the Asian-heavy mall Diamond Jamboree, and wanted some of that action. To them I say, (insert Cantonese phrase for "good luck"here)!

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