Canadian Chain To Open 30 Units In Orange County

As with Rumbi, Cafe Rio, et al, the out-of-state chains are continuing their invasion of Orange County. There's now word that a Canadian chain called Freshii has just signed a deal to open 30 locations of itself in Orange County over the next six years. There are currently 16 units in Chicago and Toronto.

So, what is Freshii?

It looks to be a health-leaning fast food chain with build-your-own salads, wraps, bowls and burritos, done via a Chipotle-like assembly line.

But what I'm most impressed by is their the custom menu on their website. It lets you pick and choose from a list of ingredients you want in your lunch and then it tallies up the nutrional info of what you've built. Fat, calories, are summed up instantly in a standardized FDA label on the side.

I have no idea if the food is any good, but this alone, is brilliant.

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