Can Anyone Beat Royal Khyber's New $10 Lunch Menu?

I don't think so. For just a tenner you get two courses: a starter of either soup or salad, then an entrée from a choice of five (including chicken curry, tandoori chicken and veggie options such as saag paneer). Plus rice, vegetables and proper naan bread! Stitch that, Olde Ship, with your pita-masquerading-as-naan! (And, to answer your question, Gustavo, like you, we Brits call naan naan and pita pita!)

South Coast Plaza Village's Indian eaterie is offering other prix fixes too: a $15 lunch deal and two three-course dinner combos ($20 or $30).

Even in the current climate, with deals coming out of the woodwork every day, that sounds like pretty good value to us. Yes, there are buffets and, yes, there are burger joints, both for around the same price at lunchtime, but we're talking about a sit-down meal in a good-quality restaurant with attentive service.

And no bonkers blackout periods... OK, the lunch is only available Monday to Friday, but the restaurant's not open for Saturday lunch anyway: in other words, it's only Sunday lunchtime that you can't get the deal. The dinner is every day of the week--even date nights, Friday and Saturday.

Our verdict? Bargain!


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