Calling All Loquat Tree Owners!

Ernest Miller is a cook at the Disneyland Resort who also blogs at Culinary Safaris and is enrolled alongside my chica in the Master Food Preserver that has me going to San Bernardino more times than any non-909er should ever have to. He has an interesting request for SAFII readers: anyone has loquats you can give him? As a final project for the class, Miller wants to make loquat barbecue sauce, loquat jam, loquat butter, loquat preserves, and loquat brandy. He has a loquat tree in his Whittier home but has exhausted his supply and knows most Californians let the sweet, syrupy fruit rot on the branch or fall to the ground to await someone's shoe instead of using them. In return, Miller promises to reimburse you with said butter, jams, brandy, barbecue sauce, and preserves (and, in six months, after his loquat seeds properly dry and ferment, loquat liqueur). Interested in helping a foodie out? Contact Miller, his blog doesn't have an email, so just contact me in the comments here or at, and I'll send your message along

And now, loquat!


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