California Shabu Shabu Expands To Long Beach

To me, Belmont Shore has always had the highest concentration of interesting restaurants in the sprawling metropolis of Long Beach. And these days, it also has  become a hot bed of activity, as the old is cycled out to make way for the new. 

A few months ago Simmzy's moved in to the old Shore House Cafe spot, turning it into a bigger and better incarnation of the Manhattan Beach original. Then a few weeks ago, Roe Restaurant and Fish Market opened in the old Barry's Beach Shack space.

Now Belmont Shore will be getting another restaurant. The Gazette reports that California Shabu Shabu is moving into a shuttered shoe store on 5242 E. Second Street between Legends and Peet's Coffee.

California Shabu Shabu, if you may recall, started its successful run in Fountain Valley 15 years ago and has since begat another store in Costa Mesa next to Shark Club and one in Santa Monica. The Belmont Shore will be the fourth in the OC-born chain.

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