California Legislators Want to Ban Styrofoam* Containers for Takeout Food

Those damn ninnies at the California State Legislature! Our state's economy is still moribund, businesses are getting the hell out and moving to Texas, and they want to keep that "temporary" sales tax increase implemented a couple of years ago.

So what's the latest, most important thing to worry about and legislate against? Styrofoam* takeout food containers.

Long Beach-area state senator Alan Lowenthal recently, successfully shepherded a bill through the State Senate that bans restaurants and food vendors from using foam containers for takeout vessel. In his infinite mercy, Lowenthal plans to amend his law once it reaches the State Assembly to allow restaurants to phase out their use until 2016, and schools until 2017. Read all the updates here.

The argument, of course, is the indestructibility of Styrofoam* containers and the fact too many morons just dump them across California, but--and I hate to sound like a Republican here--why bother with legislating them out when the market is already doing that. Many of OC's finer restaurants already use biodegradable containers, and have been for years--sure, it's a bit more expensive, but they've found enough consumer demand for healthy living. Going against foam containers only adds another headache to our vital restaurant industry, one already having to deal with onerous health inspectors of every stripe.

Want to do something worthwhile with food in your district, Alan? Declare the original Taco Bell in Downey a historical landmark or something...

*Styrofoam, of course, is a registered trademark of Dow blah blah blah

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