Cal State Fullerton Activists to Protest Fee Increases by Serving Top Ramen to Starving Students

You've all heard the cliché about students being so poor that all they can afford to eat are instant noodles. Well, activists at Cal State Fullerton are bringing that truism to the next obvious level by hosting an all-day soup kitchen tomorrow where the soup of choice is--you guessed it--Top Ramen.

There is a point to this, of course: the Cal State system's exorbitant hike in student fees the past couple of years.

The protest will happen mañana at Cal State Fullerton's main quad and is being staged by an assortment of Titans: the local chapters for Students for Quality Education and the California Faculty Association, and WE!, a "community of faculty and student activists at Cal State Fullerton," says Jarret Lovell, professor of criminal science at the school. It'll be just one of many events organized to protest California's ever-shrinking budget for higher education. See you there.


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