Cafe Hiro's Valentine's Menu

Cafe Hiro's Special Valentine's Day Dinner Menu can be seen by clicking HERE, but it's probably pointless for me to show you this now if you don't already have a reservation. A call made earlier on Thursday confirmed that all seats are booked until 9:15 P.M. on Saturday.

It's a no brainer why.  $38 for a 7-course menu is a steal.  Never mind that it was $30 for an 8-course menu during Christmas and New Year's Eve.  (Ain't the Law of Supply and Demand an unforgiving bitch?!)  But think of the alternatives.  I don't think it's even possible to score ONE DISH for $38 at Charlie Palmer's.  Here, there's seven!  

There's three apps to share.  A bowl of pasta too.  Then, soup for both of you.  Next, individual entrees, maybe roast beef for your manly appetite, scallops for her dainty one.  Finally, a dessert of your choice (like the croissant bread pudding pictured to the right).

If you've already secured your table, good for you.  If not, then there's always the Fourth of July.

Or you can always read this POEM about the dinner from last Christmas Eve.


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