Burger King To Offer "French Fry Burger" Next Week

Burger King To Offer "French Fry Burger" Next Week
Burger King

Really, Burger King? Really? The day after McDonald's, your valiant foe, announced that it's going to start offering its Mighty Wings, a totally new item, nationwide, you counter that with an announcement that you're going to introduce a so-called "French Fry Burger" starting September 1st, using the fries you already sell, stuffing it into the burgers you already make?

Though the R&D department seems to have phoned this one in, I do admit, it doesn't actually sound too bad, especially considering the whole Primanti Bros. thing with the fries in sandwiches. At least you're not charging more than $1.

Still, I wonder, will you still ask me "Would you like fries with that?" And what's the protocol if a customer orders said "French Fry Burger" and, say, asks for the fries on this side? Will your collective brains explode?

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