It's real maple syrup or nothing at Bruxie
It's real maple syrup or nothing at Bruxie

Bruxie Opens in Rancho Santa Margarita TODAY

Orange County's favorite wafflería officially opens its third location today in Rancho Santa Margarita. The Bruxians treated the local food bloggerati last night to a fabulous pre-opening celebration during which we sampled our way through countless delicious versions of Bruxie favorites, as well as few fleeting seasonal specials. Check out the slideshow here.

As long-time Bruxie fanáticos, believe us when we say the food at RSM is every bit as well-executed as their first two locations in Orange and Brea. 

In fact, the decor is very much like Brea, with several roll-up garage-door sides opening up to let the breeze pass through the airy space. With three locations now, decor that's thematically similar and food that's as expertly made at each, Bruxie earns the Chain Reactions tag here on Stick a Fork In It. Congratulations, Bruxie! May you continue growing and spreading the love to other corners of the county / state / country!

Old hands know that Bruxie's owners are all fine-dining chefs committed to using premium ingredients in their affordable sandwiches. Smoked salmon sourced from Michel Cordon Bleu, is but one example.

Another is their commitment to real maple syrup. It's possible their customers wouldn't care if they were served artificially-flavored corn syrup, but using lousy ingredients to save a few cents in food cost is not the Bruxie way. Co-owner Dean Simon says it's real maple syrup or nothing in his house. In this video, he tells us how they moved away from refilling hundreds of little plastic cups daily, and instead found a co-packer in Vermont to produce little airplane-liquor-sized bottles of Vermont maple syrup. The cute bottles are included with your Brussels waffle, but you can buy more for a buck each.

Did we mention that their grand opening is this morning? Head over when they open at 9 a.m., and be one of the first customers on their grand opening day.

Bruxie. 22205 El Paseo, Rancho Santa Margarita. (949) 207-6570.

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