Bruxie Is Coming To Costa Mesa!

Roasted mushroom & goat cheese Bruxie with waffle cut fries
Roasted mushroom & goat cheese Bruxie with waffle cut fries
Anne Marie Panoringan

When we broke news of Bruxie coming to Irvine, it was luck. We spotted the teaser printed on the back of their Huntington Beach take-out menu when they opened. Finding out about this one was happenstance, but more on that later.

It's about time we start classifying The Bold Fold as a chain, because that's what it is. A successful, Orange County-based, gourmet waffle churning chain. What began as a modest business without restrooms nor enclosed seating has opened all over the place. They've gone north to Brea, south to Rancho Santa Margarita and even to Surf City for some ocean air. Hell, Bruxie is even in the 909 (The one location we have yet to visit.)!

So Simon says, let's open one in . . . Costa Mesa! Our favorite dining town just got tastier. And no, it ain't going to The OC Mix, nor The Bermuda Triangle. The site was recently gutted, as a restaurant decided to depart ever popular 17th Street. If you know where Greek Town Grill is, well, that's where it was. They shut their doors shortly after Labor Day.

Bruxie Is Coming To Costa Mesa!
Anne Marie Panoringan

A huge THANK YOU to the guy at the bar eavesdropping on our upcoming On the Line interview with Pizzeria Ortica's Justin Miller. He instigated a conversation with us. Being the amiable Forker that we are (Ha!), we exchanged favorite restaurants. Mr. Nice Guy provided the intel, and we verified today via this legal document posted in their window. Our guy who specializes in property law explained that it means alterations are being made to the space, and the landlord is not responsible for anything done.

Seems like 2013 is Year of the Bruxie. We can almost taste the frozen custard.

Bruxie is coming to 279 E 17th St;

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