One of Lopez's creations...
One of Lopez's creations...

Bricia Lopez, Southern California's Oaxacan-Food Queen, Ready to Make Licuados Popular

I've been in this business long enough to see various advertising agencies try to popularize the consumption of licuados, the Mexican version of smoothies except with actual fruit in place of ice cream. All of them have failed, mainly because their attempts were laughable--I still remember one agency insisting on calling them batidos, which is what Cubans call them but which most Mexicans would just scoff at.

Finally, a true licuado champion has emerged: Bricia Lopez, the daughter of the family behind the might Guelaguetza empire of Oaxacan restaurants, and an entrepreneur in her own right.

She's teamed up with the California Milk Processor Board (the California dairy cartel behind the ubiquitous "Got Milk?" ads) to try and popularize licuados, going so far as to provide her own takes: licuados with jamaica and even rosemary. More info here.

On our end, we wish Lopez well, but she really doesn't need our goodwill: the young lady is bilingual, charming, smart, and a genius salesperson. But when is she coming down to conquer OC?

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