Brain Hemorrhage at The District
Jessica Ford

Brain Hemorrhage at The District

If you are not ordering from a seasoned bartender, a Brain Hemorrhage is another one of those shooters whose name will earn you a funny look. It's not ordered often--for good reason, since it takes skills to make it correctly.

It's all about presentation--screw up the pouring just the slightest bit and you will end up with a curdling mess. 

Even the bartender at The District in Newport Beach asked, "Are you sure you want that?" when I ordered a Brain Hemorrhage. He humored me and made it . . . and was able to make it look just like its name.

It can be recreated with just three ingredients: peach schnapps, Bailey's Irish cream and grenadine. Though technically a shooter, it is best served in a shot glass. Start by pouring in the peach schnapps and then an equal amount of Bailey's Irish cream. The hardest part is getting the Bailey's to sit on top of the peach schnapps, instead of instantly mixing in. If poured properly, the Bailey's will begin to sink from the top of the shot glass and curdle slightly. Finish the shot by pouring a small amount of grenadine straight down the center.

It tastes way better than it looks. Order one for novelty of it and then move on to the martinis The District is known for.


The District

121 McFadden St.

Newport Beach



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