Brad A. Johnson, Orange County Register's New Food Critic, Introduces Himself With Guns A'Blazing

Brad A. Johnson, Orange County Register's New Food Critic, Introduces Himself With Guns A'Blazing

Next week, new Orange County Register food critic Brad A. Johnson will unveil his first review--and OC chefs are already a'trembling. See, Johnson wrote an "My name is..." story this past Wednesday in which he not only eviscerated OC institution Zov's (I mean, insulting Zov's is like insulting your grandmother on the day your grandpa passes away) and slammed Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen for their tortilla chips (um, okay), but also laid out in exacting detail how he'll cover OC restaurants: with guns a'blazing and long knives ready to plunge into hubris-laden hearts.

And we love it!

The Reg's food coverage needs someone who won't rewrite press releases, needs someone who actually knows food instead of trying to be fancy tuna to everyone, and Johnson is just that man. I don't agree with his high-falutin' standards, which he laid out in his piece (he's already proclaimed that a food truck or hole in the wall with fluorescent lighting and plastic forks will never attain four stars," which is absolute bullshit: Alebrije's is five pinche stars in our books, milk crates and all) and burnishes his creds a bit too much--yeah, Brad, so you traveled the world and worked in a restaurant. So what? Edwin and Dave are computer geeks during the day, and the only foreign food I ever had until starting this job was Mos II. And yet this infernal rag rules OC food reporting--SaFII rifa, cabrón!

But Brad does know his stuff--e wait with baited breath for his first review, so we can properly poke holes into it. Welcome, Brad, and words to the wise: don't believe the hype about Javier's...

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