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Bottle Logic's Polarity Pils, Our Drink of the Week!

Fall-themed beers debuted in August this year, and breweries small and large across the country have sent cinnamon and nutmeg to the rescue. But, as delicious as pumpkin-spice amber ales and gingerbread stouts can be, Orange County just isn't ready for them yet.

As much as I would like to showcase a funky and new fall beer that tastes like your grandma's pumpkin pie, I just can't. It's way too hot for big caramel tones and allspice. Southern California reached record highs this past week, and all I could think to quench my thirst was a Polarity Pils from Bottle Logic Brewing.

Move over Pilsner Urquell, Bottle Logic is on the pilsner scene serving up a perfect Czech Pilsner. Refreshing, effervescent and the exact kind of beer you want to cool you off without weighing you down, Polarity Pils couldn't be more ideal for this hellish week's drink of the week.

Unlike almost every other style, brewers tend to refrain from tinkering too much with Pilsners. However, Polarity Pils stands apart with its glimmering clarity -- a sought-after feature for Pilsners, hop character and exquisitely dry finish. Plus, at less than five percent ABV, you can drink this right through the heat wave.

Breweries take a rather large risk when brewing lagers and not too many dare try. While inviting and easy-drinking, they take roughly six weeks to ferment the beer. So, not only do the boys (and girl) over at Bottle Logic get a gold star for providing the excellent heat-wave companion, but they also get one for making the beer in the first place.

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