Booze News of the Week

First of all, Whole Foods at the District in Tustin is now offering full pours at its wine station, as well as regular beer and wine events. We'll drink to that! CLICK HERE for the current calendar, including details of the store's two-year anniversary bash on August 29.

It's good news for the company, which took tons of slack recently after CEO John Mackey claimed the stores sell "a bunch of junk." Presumably he's never heard of Gerald Ratner.

Next up, the Veggie Grill, which has two locations in Irvine. The meat-free restaurant is going even greener with the introduction of two wines from the MÁS Wine Company in Northern California, which, instead of bottles, uses airtight, stainless-steel mini tanks to store wine. Result? Less waste.

Also added to the drinks list are two new beers from the environmentally conscious New Belgium Brewing Company: Fat Tire and the organic Mothership Wit beer.

And, lastly, Fred Franzia of Bronco Wines, which produces the (in)famous Two-Buck Chuck, has been in the news twice this week, firstly for controversially claiming that "No wine is worth $50" and secondly as his company is being sued by Casella Wines, the makers of Yellow Tail, because the label of Bronco's new Down Under wine is allegedly similar to Yellow Tail's. Personally, I can't see what the fuss is about: The labels look totally different to me.

Perhaps it's just a case of sour grapes?


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