Bootlegger's Brewery Opens New Tasting Room Tonight

Aaron and Patricia Barkenhagen and their employees have been busy people the last two weeks. They closed the old Bootlegger's Brewery tasting room two weeks ago and have moved all of the equipment to the new tasting room, building and sanding and painting and--yes--brewing (though the actual brewery is now offsite at a different location in Fullerton).

What this means is that Fullerton's brewery drought is at an end: Bootlegger's had a soft opening last night at their new digs at 130 S. Highland Ave., and they are officially opening for business at their usual time at 5 p.m. today. 

Parking is not quite as easy at it was at the Richman location, but Bootlegger's has made arrangements with the bank parking lot one block east--and, of course, if that's full, you can park in the giant train station parking structure that Measure M bought us a year or so ago.

Oh, and for the IPA geeks in the audience, they're doing growler fills and bottles of Knuckle Sandwich tonight. You know, because tonight wasn't going to be awesome enough already.

Bootlegger's Brewery, 130 S. Highland Ave., Fullerton; 714-871-BEER;

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