Bonefish Grill in Tustin Reveals Opening Date

Bonefish Grill in Tustin Reveals Opening Date

As I promised in an earlier post I did, here's an update on Bonefish Grill being built in Tustin Marketplace, the seafood-centric restaurant that's part of a chain that started in St. Peterburg, Florida and has gone to expand to 32 states. The Tustin location will be the first in California.

The opening date announced by the PR people is November 19. And what can you expect when it does open near In-N-Out where Black Angus once stood? Parmesan-crusted Rainbow Trout sautéed and topped with artichoke hearts, fresh basil and lemon butter; fish burgers and beef burgers; and bacon-wrapped Atlantic sea scallops topped with chutney. A signature appetizer called Bang Bang Shrimp® (pictured) is also stuffed into tortillas to make tacos. There will also be a happy hour.

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