Blue C Sushi and Minamoto Kitchoan Opens in Fashion Island

As I wrote in an earlier post over a year ago, the closest thing to a sushi bar you could get at Fashion Island was Hana Grill at the food court. Blue C Sushi changes this. Yes, the new restaurant happens to be a revolving sushi joint, where plates of sushi roll by on a conveyor belt; but a sushi bar is a sushi bar, even if it's a moving one.

Blue C hails from the Seattle area, where it already has six locations also situated in shopping malls. The Fashion Island outlet, which opens this week is located upstairs, near Casey's Cupcakes and Native Foods.

Also new to the uppity outdoor mall: a Japanese dessert shop called Minamoto Kitchoan, which is one of the more popular wagashi chains in Japan. What's wagashi? It's traditional Japanese confectionery usually served with tea. Some of the most common are made of mochi or stuffed with sweet red bean paste.

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