Blogger Orders Every Sandwich McDonald's Makes; Stacks Them Together To Make 4-Foot-Tall McEverything Sandwich

Well, somebody had to do it--a blogger has gone and ordered every sandwich McDonald's makes (including the breakfast ones), stacked them together, and stuck a stick through all 43 to make a 4-foot-tall McKebab of sorts. Actually, Nick Chipman, the blogger in question who previously created a grilled cheese sandwich with only cheese for his Dude Foods site, had a better name for it: The McEverything.

So why did he do this? Why does anyone do crazy things these days? For web hits and mentions in articles like this! But for this pointless but also amazingly awesome feat, we salute him, because not only we did find out that McDonald's has a total of 43 sandwiches (who'd count these things otherwise?), we now know that if anyone wants to repeat the McEverything meal, they will need to have at least $140.33--the amount Chipman paid (discounting the dollar he shelled out for a Diet Coke).

Morgan Spurlock must be either proud or repulsed.

It's unlikely that Chipman can top this stunt with, say, him trying every soda McDonald's offers in one cup. Anyone who's ever turned 13 has done that one.

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