Blake's Place BBQ Expands To Los Alamitos
Edwin Goei 

Blake's Place BBQ Expands To Los Alamitos

Blake's Place, the winner of our Best of OC category for BBQ in 2008, has expanded to Los Alamitos for their second store at 11105 Los Alamitos Blvd.

For those unacquainted to Blake's, here's a little bit on what I wrote about the ribs at the original restaurant in Anaheim.

They're just about as good as any rack of rib you'll ever encounter: properly smoked to a vibrant pink and so tender it tears off the bone like a Post-It Note.  Best parts are the burnt corners, a coveted product of a finishing sear that transforms the sugary glaze into sticky, wonderful caramel.  

Also adding to the appeal of these ribs: the fact that you didn't have to suffer through waiting in line, clutching one of those vibrator coasters, and most importantly, that you're not going to get gouged just because you felt like ribs for dinner. 

The baby backs, along with its smoked brethren, is served in an anomaly of restaurant, which looks to be a sandwich shop in an industrial area.  The plates are disposable and the drinks are self-serve.  Any more casual and you'd be on a picnic.

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