Blackmarket Bakery To Add New Storefront

If you've ever tried to actually locate Blackmarket Bakery, you've no doubt doubled back, gotten lost, and cursed your GPS for being completely useless.

The bakery is indeed hidden, cloaked almost, in a bland office park that sees no traffic and even less customers. I spent the first few paragraphs of my review talking about the location, and the hidden entrance that's hard to see even if you are standing right in front of it.

Now comes news that Chef Rachel Klemek and crew are going to debut their new storefront on February 7th.  They're calling it their "grand (re)opening".

I'm not entirely sure if this means that the place will be easier to spot for those trying to find it.  I doubt that the building's owners are going to let them change the entrance or do anything that would actually help proclaim "Hey!  We're right here!"

In any case, if you're new, just look for their van, which almost always parked outside...or if it's not there, start sniffing around for the smell of cookies.


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