Black Box Wines, Our Drink of the Week!

Kind of looks like the monolith from 2001--you kids do know that film, right?
Kind of looks like the monolith from 2001--you kids do know that film, right?

My memory of boxed wines from when I was a teen and wanted to mix up my diet of Kahlua and Presidente was watery syrup: dreck lighter than wine coolers, lighter than water, with strange tints from weirdly shaped boxes. And that's what I thought would be the case with Black Box Wines--we received them a couple of weeks ago, and they've just been sitting at my desk. But ustedes deserve wino options, so I decided to pop the top, squeeze the spigot, and let the vino flow.

Verdict? Not bad.

I popped open the Chardonnay (there's also a Merlot), and it had a strong, fruity-sweet flavor--thicker than I like my Chardonnays, but with a pleasing scent, and not too strong in alcoholic wallop. It stays fresh for four weeks after opening, although I'm assuming anyone who buys it will immediately pour everyone a glass. One box equals four bottles, so it's perfect for an office to get nice and loose and reach those goals!

There are more than a few places in Orange County that stock Black Box Wines (of course, our go-to place for anything boozy is Hi-Times), but it seems the only restaurant that carries it is the Fish in a Bottle duo. But this isn't a wine to swirl around and clink with a date--this is a yeoman's drink for when he wants a good buzz, a classy one, but doesn't want to open that bottle of Scotch just yet.

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