Behold, Slapfish's New Lobsticle: A Lobster Corn Dog!

Behold, Slapfish's New Lobsticle: A Lobster Corn Dog!
A couple years before becoming OC's Best Seafood Restaurant, Slapfish (then just a luxe lonchera) unveiled something called the Lobsticle, a half a grilled lobster tail served on a skewer. We called it seafood heaven on a stick. 

Now, the Lobsticle is back, reincarnated in corn dog form. The new fried concoction consists of ground lobster dipped in corn dog batter and drizzled with housemade A1 lobster sauce.

"It's summertime and fair season's coming around," chef Andrew Gruel says. "And who doesn't love a corn dog?"  

The new Lobsticle is now on the dinner menu at Slapfish. 

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