Behold Our Shiny New Review and Listings Site!

Behold Our Shiny New Review and Listings Site!

Here in Orange County, we're pretty known for our plastic surgery, injections of every sort and suctions of the lipo variety. And we here at the Weekly aren't immune to this practice--no, Gustavo hasn't gone and gotten Botox--as we've given Voice Places a facelift! You may be familiar with the site from such features as restaurant reviews, calendar picks and our Best Of selections.

But now we've added a bundle of more features like a pretty new design, tips from Foursquare, a national food blog, trending events and locations and improved photo galleries.

So what do you think of the new layout? Better, worse, indifferent? Let us know in the comments below--we'd love to hear your feedback. And of course if you're in the reviewing mood, give the new site a test run by leaving some reviews for the last few places you've been. If you're already a commenter on our site, there's no need to sign up!

Click here to visit the new Voice Places for Orange County now!

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