Beauty and The Beast Restaurant Opens at Walt Disney World

It'll probably be decades before anything resembling Walt Disney World's new "Be Our Guest Restaurant" will come to our local Disney parks in California. The eatery has a space designed to look exactly like the ballroom where Belle and her beast waltzed into movie history. It seats 500 and has soaring ceilings and those grand chandeliers.

It held its official grand opening yesterday even though it's been taking reservations since late August and served its first dinner on November 19th during a soft opening.

The fare is French and it's also, as we reported in the past, the first restaurant at the park to serve beer and wine. For the curious, the menu is online on the official site, which also has pictures...that is, if you haven't already seen the hundreds of shots posted in gushing posts by the Disney fan blogs who got in during the preview and soft opening.

Here's a video the DisneyParks YouTube Channel posted today that features sweeping crane shots reminiscent of the movie and a couple of Dancing with the Stars dancers.

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