Good morning! Cafe Colma style...
Good morning! Cafe Colma style...
Anne Marie Panoringan

Bay Area Chow: Around-The-Clock Dining At Cafe Colma

When folks go home to visit family, it might be another city, county, or state. When we head to the Bay Area for the parentals, there's always a neighborhood place we can rely on for a solid meal. Everyone has one. Ours in found in a city where there are more people six feet under than living. It's within a house of cards known as Lucky Chances. We always want to transpose the name, but instead of Colma Cafe it's referred to as Cafe Colma.

The city of Colma is adjacent to Daly City, the Filipino equivalent to Cerritos (Sure, there are restaurants in Anacrime, but we meant mass population). Outside of family get-togethers, we didn't grow up surrounded by the cuisine. Over the years, it populated the area like Asians in Irvine. This food is home to us, and we reserve most of our cravings for those visits home.

So why Cafe Colma? Accessibility, for starters. 24/7 dining means never having to figure out whether it's open. You just go. And we're not just talking Filipino cuisine. It's American, Vietnamese, Chinese and Filipino all rolled into one menu. A Cheesecake Factory diner for the suburban masses. On our last visit, the table ordered seafood soup, pancit palabok with  barbeque chicken skewer, a Denver omelet, waffle, egg drop soup and comsilog (breakfast combo).

Our meal of choice, their brekkie is served at all hours. A comsilog means two meats, duo of eggs to your liking and mass of garlic rice. We're not talking bacon and sausage. It's savory beef tapa or milkfish bangus, sliced Spam or pork chops, even chunks of chicken or corned beef. We lean towards pork belly tocino and sweet longanisa sausage-- the meat that keeps on giving, as it invades your burps the rest of the day. We mix our over easy yolk into rice that isn't quite garlicky enough. And we dip our tocino bites into a tiny plastic ramekin of vinegar and spices, neutralizing some of that fatty goodness and convincing our appetite there's room for another bite.

Colma Cafe Colma is an all-purpose destination before and after drinking, dancing and gambling. We dig their year-round, Christmas-hued decor, covered parking and acceptance of all major credit cards. Being in the middle of a casino is a bonus, so deal us in!

Cafe Colma is located inside Lucky Chances at 1700 Hillside Blvd, Colma, (650) 758-2237;

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