Bangok Taste Closed for a Week--No Worries. I Hope.

Had dinner earlier this week at Bangkok Taste in SanTana, my current fave Thai restaurant, with the mysterious Ben Dayhoe (contrary to popular rumor, he's not Mr. X). We enjoyed soups, fried tofu, their famous roti dessert, and the peanut-butter soup called khao soy. After our dinner (we ate with our respective ladies), the kind owner, who puts fresh roses on each table every day from her garden, gave the gals a Christmas present: flowers in a glass bubble. She then told us Bangkok Taste is closed all of next week for the holiday.

Business is good for the small restaurant--while we were there, I saw Thai families, Mexican rebels, a a really fat woman--but it can be better. They now open every Saturday at 5 p.m. due to the faltering economy. In order to boost its sales, I'll be there Jan. 3 at 5:15 p.m. First five people to join me get dessert on me.

Bangkok Taste, 2737 N. Grand Ave., SanTana, (714) 532-2216.


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