Ban on Shark Fin Soup, Foie Gras, Booze and Other New, Dumb California Laws for 2012

Ban on Shark Fin Soup, Foie Gras, Booze and Other New, Dumb California Laws for 2012

When I talk to my attorney friend about work, most of what I hear sounds vaguely like Charlie Brown's teacher laying down the law. However, when we're talking foodservice industry changes, the discussion takes a turn for the better....or in the case of a few gastronome topics, worse. Need a reminder?

Spotted at the local grocer: Just when we thought self-checkouts were the way to go to avoid pesky check-writers. Apparently, it took this long for corporate to figure out they've potentially been aiding in selling liquor to underage customers for who knows how long. It sure beat having to plead and/or pay off an adult in the parking lot. What will vagrants resort to now (there's probably an app for that)?

SB 1520 - Chapter 904: While the Governator may have signed off on this back in September 2004, this July will mark the severing of freedom for a indulgent dish of foie gras. While it may be rather tasty, whomever thought up the concept of force feeding a bird's liver and then serving it was sick to begin with. And if it's such a cruel act, why give restaurants another EIGHT years to comply? Chances are, chefs will take Chi-town's lead and serve it on the down low until the ban is lifted. We'll see if establishments are ready to shell out the $1,000 fine.

AB 0376 - Chapter 524: Slurpers of hot liquid nourishment are forced to find an alternative for shark fin soup, as changes have caused the sale, trade or distribution of our great whites to be prohibited. Unfortunately, ordering that bowl of war wonton doesn't quite cut it, no matter how much MSG goes in. There's nothing like being told what not to do, to boost the popularity of an item.

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