Bacon Challenge--Show Off Your Baconcrafting Skills

Are you a bacon savant? A meat artiste who can weave bacon into an itsy-bitsy, smoky-meat bikini for Lady Gaga? Head over to and show the world how you make said swimsuit in their Bacon Challenge. You can win an iPad2 or a piece of All Clad cookware, as if such baubles matter to someone who loves bacon for bacon's sake.

At this point, I don't think the meat missile called the bacon explosion is going to win you that iPad2. It's been done to death. The TurBaconEpic? So last year. You'll have to come up with something more original, or something where the how-to is more interesting. Here's a couple of ideas that would have a shot if someone hadn't beaten you to it.


I wrote about the bacon bazooka last week. If you can wire up a working shoulder-launched munition that can launch summer sausage, then you might also have the technical know-how to rig up an air cannon that can spray a five-pound bag of bacon bits across the world's largest salad.

Wait...that salad world record was set in Israel. Never mind.

Do you work in a laboratory? Then you might have access to transglutaminase, an enzyme that glues proteins together to make a bacon tiara, or that bacon swimsuit for Lady Gaga.


The contest closes May 8. See the entries you'll be competing against here.


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