The future home of Seabirds... but only if you help.
The future home of Seabirds... but only if you help.
Dave Lieberman

Back the Birds: Seabirds Launches Kick(starter)-and-Mortar Campaign

Late last year, we reported that Stephanie Morgan and her partners in awesome vegan cuisine were looking at the space next to Playground in downtown Santa Ana's Fiesta Marketplace East End. It's taken a few months, but they've finally committed to the space.
There's just one problem: it's a former zapatería--a shoe store--and it needs to be built out as a restaurant, which takes lots of money, honey. They don't have the prize money from the Great Food Truck Race (that went, in part, to open Playground), and they need $200,000 in order to get it done, so they've launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise half that amount.

Seabirds wasn't OC Weekly's Best New-Age Food Truck last year for no reason; if they can make cuisine that good in a commissary and a food truck, imagine what they could do with a larger permanent space that doesn't break down every few thousand miles.

To donate, go to their Kickstarter page. There will be gifts and prizes, including an invitation to the grand opening party.

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