Avocado Cafe Now Open In Huntington Beach
Anne Marie Panoringan

Avocado Cafe Now Open In Huntington Beach

We stumbled across Chuy Vidales' ode to the tasty fruit last month, and were pleased to discover it delivered on taste and quality. As promised, he launched location #3 over the holiday weekend on his home turf of Surf City U.S.A.

Driving down Main Street, we realize parking is at a premium. Chuy's cafe dominates the block for dining options, but other businesses make for a high traffic area (despite it being away from PCH). We found metered parking a block away and headed in as the lunch rush picked up.

The best seats are out on the patio, for it's tight quarters once you step indoors. Their menu remains chock full of sandwiches, breakfast options and smoothies. We partake in an albacore stuffed avocado salad with sprouts and tomato. Chuy can be found ringing up orders and refilling their brewed tea.

If you don't want to order ahead or to-go, you better have parking karma during lunch hour. Look for an On the Line feature once Vidales decides to take a breather-- whenever that is.

Avocado Cafe is located at 438 Main St, Huntington Beach, (714) 536-2305; www.avocadocafes.com.


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