Jessica Ford

Aviation at 320 Main

Inspired by Dave's latest Dueling Dishes post, our Drink of the Week ventures away from vodka and tequila (our boozy version of comfort food), and heads into new territory--gin. The drink menu at 320 Main in Seal Beach features mostly gin-based cocktails, uncommon for most Orange County eateries.

Actually, the Smokey Margaritas there do taste like comfort food: barbecued tri-tip, to be specific. But our server helpfully directed us to what she described as the "gateway drink" for gin: the Aviation cocktail.

The concoction includes Aviation gin (duh), Luxardo maraschino liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and crème de violette. It tastes mostly of straight gin, but does have a cherry aftertaste, thanks to the Luxardo and cherry garnish. The crème de violette mostly helps with visuals (it's blue!) but does impart a certain subtle something in the drinking. So, it's gin, rendered somewhat less ginny.

Drinking the Aviation, with its light flavor and sky-blue coloring, was reminiscent of summer. At $10 each, soak in that memory slowly.


320 Main St.

Seal Beach



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