Avanti Tackles the Mayans This Month in its World Tuesdays

You still haven't gone to Avanti Cafe's World Tuesdays, have you? Where $11.50 gets you a three-course meal of international cuisine, each following a monthly theme? I went yesterday and enjoyed a thick bread soup, plantain croquettes fried with God's love and accompanied by coconut rice and the first guacamole I've ever enjoyed IN MY LIFE, and topped it with a chilled yam and orange pudding. For February, Avanti is doing it like the Mayans did--or, rather, their descendents. The rest of the month:

Veronica's YUCATAN, Mexico Tuesday, February 10 Lime Soup Veggie skewers w/ papaya tomatillo sauce Papaya almond cake

Bart's SAN BARTOLO, Guatamala Tuesday, February 17 Corn & Onion Soup Chili Relleno Casserole Champurado Chocolate Coffee Drink

Veronica's TAZUMAL, El Salvador Tuesday, February 24 Red kidney Bean Soup Pupusas Maria Luisa Cake

My offer still stands: see me at one of these, and the meal is on me. No winners last month, alas!

Avanti, Cafe, 259 E. 17th St. ,Costa Mesa, (949) 548-2224; www.avantinatural.com.


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