Avanti Cafe International Tuesday Menu for January

My continued favorite food happening is 2008 OC Weekly Best Restaurant Avanti Cafe's International Tuesdays, where $11.50 gets you a three-course meal of cuisines rare to these parts. This month's theme: regional cuisines of India, as follows. Note "Veronica" and "Bart" are the junior chefs at Avanti to owners Mark Cleveland and Tanya Fuqua in name only; they can outcook most any chef in Orange County:

Brahmin Veronica's PUNJAB
Tuesday, January 6
Dal Maharini - Punjab lentil soup
Sabzi Pulao - Vegetables & rice
w/ ginger chili

Mango Lassi - Mango yogurt drink

Swami Bart's BENGAL
Tuesday, January 13
Cholar Dal - Bengali lentil soup
Khatte Baigan Bhaji - Sweet & sour     eggplant
Narkol Nadu - Coconut cardamon drink

Maharincess Veronica's GOA
Tuesday, January 20
Tomato Coconut Soup
Cauliflower Pulao - Cauliflower stew w/ brown rice
Moira - Plantain croquettes

Tuesday, January 27
Dal Phokali - South Indian lentil soup
Vangi Batata Bahaji - Eggplant & potatoes w/ brown rice
Indian Brown Rice Pudding

I will be at each, although at different times due to my KPFK-FM 90.7 show at 4 p.m. every Tuesday. Find me at Avanti on Tuesday, and your international courses are on me!

Avanti Cafe, 259 E. 17th St., Costa Mesa, (949) 548-2224; www.avantinatural.com


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