Audition for Adam Richman's new Food Fighters Show, THIS Saturday

When you read about the new Adam Richman-hosted TV cooking competition show that Edwin wrote about yesterday, did you think, "dammit, I can win one of those shows?" Well then, audition for it in San Diego this Saturday at the only scheduled west coast cattle call.

You're betting everything on bringing one signature dish. You'll assemble it on-site and present it to food-service professionals that will quiz you, and taste your food. If you pass the basic cooking aptitude test, you'll move on to the next round of tryouts.

The catch? Even though you'll be in a professional kitchen, you will not have access to a heat source when you prepare your dish for the judges. So choose your signature dish wisely.

More details for what you'll need to bring on the NBC San Diego website, including this 14-page application form.

Saturday, March 16th. 11 am - 3 pm The San Diego Culinary Institute 8024 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa


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