Atlantico Reserva Rum, Our Drink of the Week!

As with most celebrity food endorsements, I was initially skeptical of the Atlantico Reserva rum that showed up on my desk one day. Its spokesperson is Enrique Iglesias, and while I like his stuff (especially his performance on Howard Stern's show years ago where Iglesias proved his soaring voice was his and his alone--Baba Booey), que chingada would a pop star from Spain with a huge fan base in Mexico know about rum from the Dominican Republic?

But, like with most booze that's within my reach, I eventually succumbed to temptation and took a shot. Man, I hope Iglesias endorses a mezcal next because the cabrón has good taste in alcohol.

This is a very sweet, almost syrup rum, with notes of caramel, oak--and is that maple lurking at the end? Nothing harsh about it other than the alcohol part, which will make the eyes of novices water but will prove a wonderful kick to the experienced--no burn, just puro desmadre. I drank it straight, and loved it, but putting it on the rocks opens up the Atlantico, cools down its sugary rage into a suave, debonair treat, like Iglesias at his best. I wouldn't want to waste this rum on a cocktail, although it can theoretically make a killer daiquiri. And, yes: it is a religious experience (if you're bilingual, you'll get that this is a pun and not an overwrought description; if you only habla English, get with the program and learn Spanish, already!)

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