At Last: 'Nutella and GO!' Lets You Eat Nutella Without a Spoon

Nutella is delicious but there lies a deep challenge in getting it from point A to point B--that is, from container to mouth. The treacherous process involves fetching a spoon, butter knife or other scoopable object. Of course, you can always just dig in with your fingers like the classy beast you are, but let's face it, you'd prefer not to be judged. 

Nutella & GO! is new to me, though it seems like it's been around for a while in Europe. It's a snack that brings the famously addictive hazelnut spread and cookie sticks into one package, like Pocky. No more having to wash silverware or dig out Nutella residue from your fingernails. You can buy Nutella & GO! individually on Amazon, but you might as well get a whole case

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