¡Ask a Comida Critic!: What OC Restaurants Have Given Gustavo Food Poisoning?

And now, for something different from Jeff in Ladera Ranch:

Which restaurants in Orange County have given you food poisoning?

Wish that I could answer that question, Jeff, but any disclosure on my part would probably result in a defamation suit against moi--and when I get lawsuits thrown my way, I want them from pedophile apologists and idiot politicians, not restaurants.

I can mention some generalities about those experiences, though, that people can play a guessing game with...after the jump!

Out of the hundreds of restaurants I've reviewed for this infernal rag in the past eight years, I've only suffered food poisoning three times. It was the restaurant on each occasion, and not a bug already in my system. All of them were high-end restaurants--I've never received so much as pepper belly from any of our supposed roach coaches. One of them we gave love to on this blog this year--wasn't me, of course. Another restaurant no longer exists, and we never reviewed it for the obvious reason. And the third one was an anomaly--I still visit their restaurant, although not as much as before for the obvious reason.

Guess away! Not like I'll admit if one of you names one of the guilty three, though...

Got a spicy question for the Comida Critic? Ask him in the comments below?


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