¡Ask a Comida Critic! Part One

The reader demand for my knowledge of food in Orange County is such that I received a grand total of ONE question. Faithful commentator JB asks:

Complete this sentence: I'd like to [VERB] [OC RESTAURATEUR/RESTAURANT PERSON] with [NOUN].

It's an obvious dig at our set of pre-planned questions for our chef interviews, but an unfair one: I actually thought that the Food Network question was an apt Rorschach test to figure out whether said chef was a blowhard, a humble jokester, or so damn normal they don't even bother with the Food Network.

Which means, this is a Rorschach test for me.

Answer after the jump!

Read it and laugh, boyos:

"I would like to remind the Fast Food Maven there is more to food journalism than press releases."


Got questions about food in Orange County? Leave one in the comments below, or via email at GArellano@ocweekly.com!


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